Surface Ethernet Adapter – Code 56

Surface Ethernet Adapter – Code 56

Today, for the fiftieth time I had a problem with the USB Ethernet network on my Microsoft Surface Pro with Windows 10 1803, so I will share this case with you in a short time.

Situation is as follows. You install clean OS on Surface and connect the USB Ethernet adapter and everything goes as it should. Nice… After couple days, you plug in the USB Ethernet adapter again and nothing. In the Network Connections pane you cant see any network adapter at all and in the device manager there is an exclamation mark and an error 56.

Windows is still setting up the class configuration for this device. (Code 56)

How to get out of it? I did the kernel debug of that driver and found it in a collision when calling the CheckPoint VPN client. When I manually checked the CheckPoint VPN driver, the USB Ethernet started.

So what about it? Uninstall the CheckPoint VPN client. And how to solve it in the long term? In my case, I have a virtual machine where I have all these nasty VPN interfaces.